Norman House

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Norman House // Hamilton, ON This project embodies our values: inspired, thoughtful design for sustainability! Norman House features the union of a new, modern sunroom addition on an existing, two-storey century home. The house’s history — original construction beginning in 1839 — inspired us to design a […]

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Guelph Transit

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Guelph Transit // Guelph, ON Design that enriches the occupant experience While working with the City of Guelph for the redesign of their Transit Headquarters, fabrik aimed to develop a design that enriches the occupant experience, while carefully considering project occupation, timelines, deliverables, and budgets.  fabrik developed […]

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⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ ThinkHub // Guelph, ON Commitment to Research, Environmental Stewardship, and Sustainability. The City of Guelph shares our commitment to research, environmental stewardship, and sustainability. It didn’t take long for us to recognize that the City of Guelph genuinely values the work of their employees. Knowing that our […]

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UrbanX Condos

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ UrbanX Condos // Toronto, ON Using modularity and repetition to create something unique. This was a project based on creating efficiencies both in plan and elevation, achieving maximum modularity, while creating something exciting and identifiable.  UrbanX Condos is an urban infill multi-residential project that offers an efficient […]

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Montrose House

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Montrose House // Cambridge, ON Creating a relationship between interior and exterior spaces. This residential project features a minimal addition extruded from a historic brick home. Our team was tasked with blurring the boundary between interior and exterior spaces and finding interesting ways to interact with both […]

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William House

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ William House // Waterloo, ON We enjoy work on projects that break away from ‘the typical’ We enjoy work on projects that break away from ‘the typical’, William House is not your typical residential typology. William House is a four-story residential project that attempts to create memorable […]

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Code Ninjas

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Code Ninjas // Guelph, ON All about problem solving, critical thinking, and STEM Code Ninjas was an interior tenant fit-out for a new children’s coding school in Guelph. fabrik transformed the existing space from a restaurant to a fun, safe, and inspiring classroom environment where children learn […]

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Fertile Grounds: Cultivating an Identity Through Architecture

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Fertile Grounds: Cultivating an Identity Through Architecture // Serra da Estrela, PT How can architecture play a contributive role to the prosperity of a place? This research addresses the challenges and opportunities that rural regions face today by analyzing the general factors of marginalized rural communities through […]

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Byng House

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Byng House // Cambridge, ON Exemplifying the union between contemporary and traditional design. Byng House exemplifies the union between contemporary and traditional design. With this project the intersection between the two becomes a space to celebrate this union. The special moment in this design is the intersection […]

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Dietz House

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Dietz House // Waterloo, ON Expanding the living footprint by redefine the traditional character. Dietz house blends the new with the old to add new life and refreshed identity to the traditional character of the existing 1950’s home. This project is about expanding the living footprint by […]

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Wawanesa Insurance

⟵ || ⟶ ⟵ 1 / 4 ⟶ Wawanesa Insurance // Kitchener, ON Converting old spaces into prosperous opportunities One tenant, spread over three suites in a reclaimed factory building at The Tannery District in downtown Kitchener. The fabrik team was responsible for the architectural design, code review, permit and construction drawings, and construction administration […]

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