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Pandemic Responsive Building Design

How can the design of our buildings and the spaces we occupy directly respond to people’s post-pandemic concerns and worries?

COVID-19 has adversely impacted human interaction and connection. Now, we are rethinking how we move through buildings, maintain social distancing, and minimize surface contact.

Elisia Neves, our founding Principal Architect, is leading fabrik’s shift toward a post-pandemic world through thoughtful research and practice. fabrik has currently shifted our in-house design team to research into COVID-19 relief design possibilities, to support our clients in the transition of returning to work and provide leading design research to the architectural industry.

In order to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable populations within our society, we need to provoke a post-pandemic shift towards holistic and responsible design in the field of architecture. These changes should be systemic, rethinking persistent cycles of demolition and construction with design decisions informed by a thorough consideration of the resulting consequences.

To assist our in-house research and design team, fabrik has assembled an expert Advisory Board consisting of Architects, Pandemic Disease Specialists, and Materials Science Engineers. They have assisted the fabrik team with creating design Pandemic Responsive Design guidelines for the commercial, office, residential and multi-residential sectors. These guidelines range from the assessment of building materials to questions of sustainability and digital innovation through touchless technologies.